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Our only philosophy is to make our students better at golf. We use the best tools in the business to evaluate your game before helping you reach your goals. Our technology is second to none. We use proven techniques to teach you what you are CAPABLE of and how to play your best golf. We offer a variety of instructors to help you find the right coach to achieve your goals. Come see the difference we offer at the Legacy Golf Performance Center!

Senior Staff Instructor

Originally from Harlem, New York, Braswell grew up in South Central, Los Angeles. He would continue to learn the game while serving in the United States Air Force, where he worked in the Skunk works Black Operations program. Braswell played College Golf for Saddleback Junior College and then San Jose State University alongside current PGA Tour player Arron Oberholser.

He has worked and taught the game along with some of the top instructors and golf schools in the game including John Jacobs Golf Schools, Dave Pelz Short Game School, Golf Digest Schools, Dave Maga, Ben Doyle, Scott Watkins, Shelby Futch, Ray Carrasco, Alan Tapie, Terry Okura and Paul Kopp. Braswell has been published three times during the Breaking 100-90-80 series. He now leverages his experience to help students play better as an instructor for Jim McLean Golf Schools.

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Senior Staff Instructor

Andy's philosophy is to teach each individual as just that, an individual. He will show you how to build and identify your “golf identity”. Andy will work hard with you on improving your swing, ball flight, distance control, short game and especially how to make those clutch putts. More importantly, Andy will help you take what you learn on the practice tee to the golf course and to golf competition.

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Senior Staff Instructor

Throughout his training at the PGA Academy, he has had the privilege of learning from some of the best instructors in the world, Gary Barter (Australian Coach of the Year 2001), Paul Hausman (Australian PGA Academy Coach of the Year 2006) and Greg McHatton (the Albert Einstein of golf, PGA America Coach of the Year).  In 2011 he became a Senior Staff Instructor with the Raspberry Golf Academy where he continued his training through the guidance of Pat McGuire.  As an effective instructor at the Legacy Golf Performance Center Scott has a great understanding of the game and what needs to be done to improve your game.  He uses a simple and effective technique to develop a process in maximizing your potential.  BETTER PRACTICE, BETTER RESULTS!!!

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Senior Staff Instructor

My teaching is based on solid fundamentals with a concentration in fitness and tailoring to each individual. Too many people are taught to swing the club and very few are taught how to play the game. I want to make all of you play the game better then you ever have. I believe this game can be very fun and I want all of you to have as much fun on the course as possible. If you are learning to play better, having more fun, then you will play more and that will excite me even further.


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Senior Staff Instructor

Chase brings nearly 30 years of proven success and devotion to teaching junior golfers worldwide. His unique approach, award winning style and communication skills make him one of America's finest junior golf coaches.


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Senior Staff Instructor

The golf swing is a product of the human body and its functional capabilities. Once a player identifies what they are capable of doing, it is our responsibility to allow the player to efficiently learn, control and perform their acquired motor patterns.
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Staff Instructor

The "Why"

Getting the “chills” is the best feeling I get after hearing the enthusiasm of a student believing they are getting closer to reaching their goals and achieving them.  It’s the passion that is contagious in watching that spark ignite in their eyes when a golf shot is executed just as anticipated.  Then from there a fire is built around the game for a life time and endless potential.  Being able to be that mentor for somebody to count on to bring good energy which I believe is important in good golf.  That feeling is addicting and knowing that you had some positive part in one’s life just by knowing how to share what you love to do!

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Staff Instructor

In 2006 Mitch was an instructor at the Kent Chase golf academy. He worked under Kent Chase for over 3 years, learning from one of the top instructors in the country. For the past 6 years he has been teaching some of the longest drivers in the world and the everyday golfer on how to maximize power and increase accuracy. Some of the things he uses in his teaching philosophy are: goal oriented practice, course management, systematic short game, mental strength, fitness, swing mechanics and generating power.

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Club Tuning Specialist
& Staff Instructor

Kris has had a passion for the game of golf his entire life and when he saw the opportunity to help others gain that same love and passion for the game, he went after it. After graduating from the Golf Academy of America, Kris had all the tools to begin his career in golf. His most recent accomplishment was getting factory certified through TaylorMade as a Club Tuning Specialist. Not only does he offer his expertise in club fittings, but as a teaching professional as well. Kris works with everyone from juniors, recreational players, ladies, seniors, tour players and professional athletes. Book a fitting or lesson with Kris today and see REAL results in your game.

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